Travel Stick

The Stick
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  • Description

  • The Travel Stick is an excellent choice for the travellers among us. 
  • It is short and very light. 
  • it can fit into any suitcase or travel bag. 
  • The standard flexibility allows for an excellent massage at any time, anywhere.
  • It has comfortable red handles with 8 spindles and 17" Long.
  • It has recently been popularized by the USA Cycling team for use on the lower limbs.

  • De Cycle Stick is 42 cm.lang en heeft 8 wieltjes.
  • Gemakkelijk mee te nemen naar wedstrijd of training.
  • Onlangs in gebruik genomen door het Amerikaanse Cycle Team.
  • Perfect voor de benen.
  • ADVIES:wielrenners,mountainbikers,toerfietsers