Xlab Carbon Sonic Wing

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After the successful and very popular Sonic Wing, many triathletes and dealers asked when we were going to bring out a Carbon version?
We were already working on it but we wanted it to be the very best in the World.
By the World’s best we mean the lightest, the most positions, the most customizable with options, best engineered and tested, and of course the fastest!

XLAB options for the CARBON SONIC include

  • Anti-launch carbon XLAB GORILLA cages in Natural carbon or White finish. You can also get a tri frame cage in carbon to match, named the XLAB CHIMP
  • Disc wheel friendly inflators, the XLAB NANOFLATOR and the XLAB SPEED CHUCK give you fast reliable inflation when needed
  • XLAB also offers graphic matching 16 gram and 12 gram CO2 cyclinders.
  • XLAB TIRE BAGS to keep your spare and tools out of the UV light and clean of road debris. Available in Red or Black.
  • For longer training rides and races, XLAB offers the very spacious XLAB KONA bag which is available in Red or Black.
  • To help you stay safer while training in the aero position XLAB has a new TRAINING STROBE light that mounts on the back of the SONIC series of rear carriers.
  • To complete your storage needs XLAB offers the CLEAR VIEW a unique Stem Gel/ Nutrition storage bags that have a clear lid that keeps your nutrition clean and enables you to see if you have any fuel left in reserve!

WORLD’S MOST VERSATILE The CARBON SONIC has a choice of 3 different angles when attaching to the seat post. The cages have a forward lowest drag position which sets the bottles close to the seat, or a position 1inch (25mm) further back for triathletes that like to sit off the back of the saddle when climbing.
There also a variety of bottle cage angles. To add to the fun, you can even invert the carrier for a further 15 positions if you like.
The Carbon Sonic comes complete with it’s own CO2 and INFLATOR holder , known as the SONIC NUT.

SADDLE COMPATIBLE  BECAUSE the carrier fits on the seat post we have not discovered any seats that you cannot use including the long Fizik, ISM, SMP, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Terry and others.

WORLD’S LIGHTEST The chassis only weighs a miniscule 49 grams. It is made of aircraft grade High Modulus Carbon Fiber.
The screws for the bottle cages and the mounting screws to attach to the seat post are all TITANIUM.
We only use 6AL-4V grade 5 titanium as it has a tremendous Tensile Strength of 130 Ksi.
The CARBON SONIC weighs in at 28 grams lighter than the alloy Sonic Wing.

WORLD’S FASTEST Located in the position XLAB has determined over a period of 16 years of testing in the Wind Tunnel and by Pros to be the fastest, you can rest assured you have the fastest 48oz Hydration and Storage system on the planet….and don’t forget XLAB has been on the winning bike for 13 of the last 16 IRONMAN DISTANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

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