Xlab Delta 200 Matte Rear Hydration System

New 2023
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The XLAB Delta 200 Rear Hydration System is another step up the hydration ladder from its little brother the Delta 100. Though it attaches in the same extremely reliable way, the Delta 200 comes with the XLAB Gorilla Cage, to make absolutely certain that your bottle won’t be launching in the middle of a race or in the middle of traffic.

The Delta Rear Hydration System mounts onto the saddle rails so that they stay in your draft and can even increase the effectiveness of your aero position by filling in the void behind you, smoothing out your airflow. It is a strong, sturdy mounting so that you won’t feel any sway in the back, and it will be able to withstand the abuse rear carriers can take in the transition sections of races. XLAB uses Loctite and locknuts, to ensure that the screws are locked in place safely and securely. Using Loctite also means that you won’t be subjected to a lot of noisy hardware vibrations even over the roughest roads. The funnel-shaped cage allows for easy access to your bottle.

Whether you want to hide your bottles from the wind, or carry an extra rear bottle to refill your Torpedo Aero Bar water bottle, the XLAB Delta 200 Rear Hydration System will give you the option of being able always to have your favorite drink mix without stopping at the gas station in the middle of know where. It comes with an XLAB Cage Mount and a Gorilla Cage.

The XLAB Delta 200 Rear Hydration System is compatible with a wide array of saddles, though there is a handy compatibility chart on the XLAB website you might want to check out to make sure your saddle will work. There is also a Delta Adaptor that you can buy for carbon rail saddles like Fizik.