Mugiro Neck Protector XS

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  • Description

Protects the neck from chafing and wounds by wearing a wetsuit during water sports (swimming, surfing, diving ...).

  • X Small 25 - 30 cm
  •  Small 30 - 35 cm
  •  Large 35 - 40 cm

Made of elastic material and petroleum jelly. Forms a protective layer between the skin and the suit, which minimizes the risk of skin injuries as much as possible. In the form of a collar with an extended back, so that the skin is also protected from the zipper of the wetsuit.

  • Elastic: easy to put on. (In triathlon: removable just as quickly during running as a cap or glasses).
  • Lower density than water (floats above). The buoyancy of the float is not affected by this.
  • In a practical plastic box for easy storage and transport.
  • Compatible with Vaseline.
  • Washable and reusable.