Aquaman Bionik Heren

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The Aquaman Bionik Wetsuit is a premium model at an attractive price and is ideal for all triathletes.

Without a doubt the best wetsuit for the price on the market! It offers triathletes a wetsuit of the highest quality with a reasonable price tag.

The wetsuit has a classic concept, i.e. textiles on the inside and the outside made of Japanese neoprene Yamamoto # 39, with an SCS coating that also covers the entire outside.

The neck, shoulders and arms are made of Yamamoto GIGA # 40 neoprene. No other wetsuit on the market offers this combination of neoprene at this price!

The shoulders are also extremely flexible and provide excellent freedom of movement.

The suit is also made with Aquaman innovations such as the Revolving Collar and the Flash System that help significantly reduce the risk of chafing. The forearms have the "Aero Design Propeller" for better catching of water during the draw phase of the stroke. As with most Aquaman models, the back zip opens from bottom to top. Larger Velcro behind the neck for easier closure. Hip roll control - Aquaman has added a panel of Rubber Dome at the hips to help float and balance during side roll.

FOLDINGLINE: This is an innovative method of donning, developed by AQUAMAN, that positions the suit instantly and perfectly ... ... with markings on the knees and elbows ... ... in the suit!

Video : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=334864387398630&extid=LOhx8uZZDneiCn3f


  • Flash system
  • Lower collar design
  • Quick opening system
  • Friction-free collar
  • Flexible zip
  • Arm propeller
  • Flexor
  • Ultra Flex wrists
  • Gender-specific sizes
  • Thickness: 4.5 mm chest and legs
  • Thickness: 3 mm shoulder blades
  • Thickness: 1.5 2 mm sleeves/shoulders
  • Folding line