Xlab Stealth Pocket 300

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  • Description

  • Lower profile than the Stealth Pocket 200 
  • Screw mount for P5
  • The Stealth Pocket 300 is designed specifically for the Cervelo P5. The Stealth Pocket 300 is essentially the same as the 200, but it sits lower to maintain an aerodynamic advantage if you run your bars low. The Stealth Pocket 300 screws into two mounts on the top tube of the P5 behind the stem to store your nutrition essentials. The Stealth Pocket even helps to reduce drag around your headset and spacers thanks to its tapered design. 

    The interior has plenty of room for several bars and gels and is insulated to help prevent your food from melting. For competitive triathletes who seek the solution to storage problems and want every aero edge possible, the Stealth Pocket needs to be on your P5. 

    • Specifically designed for Cervelo P5
    • Screws onto integrated top tube mounts
    • Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers
    • Same width as head tube, fits tight against stem
    • Tapered aero design profile
    • Located within easy reach while riding
    • Non slip rubber zipper pull
    • One handed Super-Slide zipper
    • Interior pocket
    • Can store the longest energy bars
    • Insulated sides