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Pro Ski Simulator
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This is the standard model but featuring in addition a revolutionary frame that enables the ski machine a perfect ski simulation of a carving turn.
It was designed especially for excellent skiers and competitors. Because of the outstanding simulation of ski turns you will feel as if you are on an actual ski slope. The machine is best suited for physical and technical preparation for the competition season. No other ski equipment of this type is able to simulate actual skiing that well.


By means of a touch-screen display, the ST Control Computer informs the user on the quality of training, correct execution of movements, repetitions made as well as duration and tempo of training. All measurement data is stored on a USB flash drive making it possible for you to accurately analyse your training with your personal computer. All stored data of ski simulations can also be displayed in the form of graphs, separately for each leg.

It features the “TEST” smart key. This function displays your actual physical preparedness and automatically places you in the proper training class. Exercise monitored in this way enables an even faster development of all your ski-related skills.

PROSKI simulator training computer is a sophisticated electronic device which provides critical assessment of training performed on PROSKI simulator of skiing. PROSKI simulator training computer uses state-of-the-art magnetic angle and position sensors which readings are processed with advanced decision algorithms, which were developed with the help of top level ski professionals and trainers to produce the most accurate results. PROSKI simulator training computer supports various difficulty levels enabling the usage for all ranges of users from ski beginners to ski professionals. The results provided by PROSKI simulator training computer can help improve ski technique and overall ski performance of users of all ages.

Main features:
Large 10-feet touch-screen display
TEST smart key
Choice between training for slalom and giant slalom.
Option to store data on USB flash drive and accurately analyse it later

Functions include:
TIMED EXERCISE – set duration of exercise from zero to a target value
REPETITIONS – counting of correct turns from zero to a target value
TEMPO – follow a pre-set speed of turns (+/-)
SLALOM TRAINING – faster repetitions of ski turns
GIANT SLALOM TRAINING – slower repetitions of ski turns