Powerbreathe Irongirl Heavy Resistance

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Quick Overview

POWERbreathe Iron Girl Plus - 2nd generation POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training series (breathing training). Officially licensed and branded Iron Girl version of the POWERbreathe Plus, with hi-tech ergonomic design, optimised airflow performance and anti-bacterial qualities.

Who can benefit?

  • Elite, competitive athletes and team sports players training and competing at a very high level
  • Endurance athletes, such as cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers
  • Competitive sports people striving to improve time trial performance and Personal Bests
  • Anyone physically active at high altitudes, such as climbers and skiers
  • Those recovering from injuries or in rehabilitation

Ideal for:

  • Elite athletes and people who are in top physical condition who lead a very physically demanding lifestyle, whether professionally or socially
  • People who share the same aspirations the world’s most prestigious endurance athletes possess – Iron Girl energy, excellence, success

Product Description

POWERbreathe uses the basic principles of resistance training. Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arm muscles, breathing in through POWERbreathe against the heavy, variable resistance makes your breathing muscles work harder - thereby increasing their strength and endurance.

Within a few days of using this drug-free, easy-to-use hand-held device, your breathing muscles will feel stronger; within 3-weeks you’ll feel less breathless; and within 4 weeks activities, exercise and sports will feel easier.


  • Drug-free & natural with no side effects or drug interactions
  • Officially licensed and Iron Girl branded
  • Scientifically proven, pressure threshold training technique
  • Calibrated inspiratory load (heavy resistance)
  • Adjustable ‘heavy' training resistance (up to 10 adjustable training levels)
  • Resistor / training level indicator
  • Fully washable design
  • Anti-bacterial mouthpiece
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design
  • Up to 65% improvement in airflow performance (vs. POWERbreathe Classic)
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Fully integrated load mechanism

Use & Care

Simply put the nose-clip on so that it pushes your nostrils together and then breathe in through the POWERbreathe (use a little extra effort than you would to breathe normally), and the device will do the rest. Improvement in breathing efficiency can be seen in as little as 4-weeks. Comes with full instructions.

Laboratory proven training regimen:

  • Twice a day simply breathe 30 times through the device against the adjustable resistance. It takes less than 5-minutes.
  • As your breathing muscle strength improves, simply adjust and increase the resistance as you would with any other form of exercise.
  • Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger; within 3-weeks you’ll feel less breathless; and within 4 weeks every-day activities, exercise and sports will feel easier.


Your POWERbreathe will be exposed to saliva during use. We recommend that a few times a week your POWERbreathe should be soaked in warm water for about 10 minutes (see the POWERbreathe Manual for full details), but once a week POWERbreathe should be soaked in a mild cleansing solution instead of water, using the POWERbreathe Cleansing Tablets - only 1 tablet is required each time.


  • POWERbreathe Iron Girl Plus Heavy Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Trainer (pink)
  • Ergonomic, soft-touch nose clip (also suitable for swimming)
  • Instructional DVD (approx: 35-mins)
  • Fabric storage pouch
  • BONUS Ironman DVD (worth £17.99)
  • 4 cleansing tablets
  • User manual


If you have any doubts about the suitability of POWERbreathe, or you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.

Inspiratory muscle training (breathing muscle training), such as training with POWERbreathe, is not recommended for patients with a history of spontaneous pneumothorax (a collapsed lung that was not due to traumatic injury e.g. broken rib), as it may lead to a recurrence of the condition. Following a traumatic pneumothorax and/or broken rib, POWERbreathe should not be used prior to full recovery.

Inspiratory muscle training is not suitable for asthma patients who have low symptom perception and who suffer from frequent sever exacerbations.

Inspiratory muscle training is not suitable for anyone who has recently experienced a perforated eardrum.

Anyone who is under the age of 16 should only use POWERbreathe with supervision from an adult.