The Stick Massage Roller

The Toothbrush for Muscles

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The Stick Is Still The Best Massage Roller

We’ve been refining and perfecting the design of The Stick for the better part of three decades now. The original massage roller has millions of fans all over the world, ranging from weekend warriors and everyday people to the most elite and highly-paid professional athletes in the world.

Foot wheel

  • The Foot Wheel was developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds.
  • The miracle of myofascial release makes it a must in the management of plantar fasciitis.
  • The Foot Wheel has 2 trigger wheels and 2 spindles. 
  • It is 4.4" in length.

Trigger Wheel

Little Stick

  • The Litle Stick  is the smallest 2-handle model presently available.
  • Its 14" length and 6 working spindles make it ideal for children.
  • It is highly effective in the management of growing pains as well as shin splints.
  • Marathon Stick

    Sprinter Stick Fuchia


    Hybride Stick

    Travel Stick

    • The Travel Stick is an excellent choice for the travellers among us. 
    • It is short and very light. 
    • it can fit into any suitcase or travel bag. 
    • The standard flexibility allows for an excellent massage at any time, anywhere.
    • It has comfortable red handles with 8 spindles and 17" Long.
    • It has recently been popularized by the USA Cycling team for use on the lower limbs.

    Sprinter Stick

    Honden Stick (the Pet Stick°

    Body Stick


    The Stiff Stick

    By increasing circulation and breaking down Trigger Points (muscle knots), “The Stick” can: 


    • Improve Strength
    • Increase Flexibility 
    • Extend Endurance
    • Accelerate Recovery Time
    • Reduce Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain
    • Prepare Muscles for Rigors of Activity
    • Flush Muscles from Rigors of Activity


    Computer Stick

    • The Computer Stick is most flexible medium model is engineered for the computer athlete.
    • It is 22” and comes with a SeatPlate anchor to facilitate unassisted management of the upper limbs.