Aquaman ART 2012

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In Duitsland  bij een onafhankelijke test verkozen tot beste wetsuit 2011

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 New Wetsuit Concept: Tight Without Being Restrictive

Aquaman the historical Triathlon Wetsuit  manufacturer has succeeded once again at being the leader in innovation thanks to a totally new concept that will truly revolutionize the world of neoprene triathlon wetsuits.


The new technology is called "Panel Fit Contour Technologie" and consists of two different Yamamoto neoprenes being put together.


Part of the suit will be made with PRO 45: The PRO 45 is a brand new neoprene even more supple and lightweight than the GIGA 40.

The rest is made with Compressed Dome Rubber:  Compressed Dome Rubber has almost no elasticity and was specially developed by AQUAMAN for this revolutionary technology.


The How and the Why?

Most swimmers search for an extremely snug wetsuit that lets in a minimal amount of water.  As a result, they end up using a wetsuit that is too tight and too small… sacrificing comfort.


So, how can you achieve maximal compression and suppleness?

Compression to limit the amount of water entering the suit and suppleness to eliminate the feeling of constriction so you can move and breathe freely.


The principal of the new technology is to use large tight fitting neoprene panels (Compressed Dome Rubber) integrated with small strips of PRO 45 (for extreme suppleness) in the areas you need it most. 

When in use it is clear that the small strips of PRO 45 are working to keep you moving and breathing freely.


The result is a wetsuit that feels nice and snug, but not too tight.  Isn’t this what swimmers have always been searching for?


Wetsuits made in Men’s and Women’s Models

Available Spring 2011

Size:     XXS    XS       S          M        L          XL       XXL    XXXL