FuelBelt Benelux § France


Gel Flask (1 pack)

FuelBelt 7 oz Green Bottles (2 pack)

FuelBelt 7 oz Blue Bottles (2 pack)

FuelBelt 7 oz Orange Bottles (2 pack)

IronMan FuelBelt 27oz Bottle

The perfect cycling accessory for triathletes, this 24 oz water bottle is designed to fit a standard bottle holder on your bicycle or tri bike.

FuelBelt 7 oz Pink Bottles (2 pack)

FB Race Number Belt Reflective

The industry standard and a top seller. Race numbers attach easily to elastic cords and stay in place with Lace Locks.

Size: One Size Fits All
Colors: Tangerine, Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Classic Red and Black

FuelBelt 7 oz Bottles Clear (4 pack)

FB Bike Gel Flask Holder

Holds 6oz of gel (3-4 packets) within easy reach on your bike. No more taping gel packets all over your frame! Mounts on stem or any frame tube with Velcro straps.

Total Volume: 6 oz. Color: Black.

IronMan FB Gelready Race Numeber Belt Red/Carbon

The perfect competition accessory for triathletes, this race number belt is designed to be one size fits all.

FB Slim Pocket Race Number Belt

Need to carry pills, gels or keys but want to keep a low profile? This is the Race Number Belt for you.

Size: One Size Fits All
Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue and Black

FB Bike Bag

This is our no-nonsense bike bag, with a single zippered entry and inner compartments perfect for storing spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, cash or keys. High visibility reflective trim, weatherproof and machine washable for those muddy days! Securely attaches with Velcro rail/post straps.

Capacity: 94 cubic inches. Color: Classic Red

IronMan FuelBelt Palm Holder 10oz Sprint Red/Carbon

The Sprint® palm holder is proven and tested. If you’re looking for a super comfortable way to carry 10oz with you, this is the way to go. The hand strap is fully adjustable, pocket is great for small items and 10oz bottle has an excellent feel in your hand because of its unique shape.

FB Medium Fuelbox

Keep your nutrition close at hand during training and racing. Zippered opening for easy access, zippered inner pocket and removable liner for easy cleaning. Water-resistant ripstop with Velcro rail/post straps for secure attachment.

3 x 5 x 1 inches. Colors: Tangerine, Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue, Pink, Classic Red and Black.

FB Mono 1 Bottle Belt

FB Go Go Number Belt

Lace Locks to hold your race number, plus a super-spacious pocket (2.75 x 7") for your small essentials. Why Go-Go? FuelBelt Founder Vinu Malik’s 2-year-old daughter cheers him on at races by screaming “go-go daddy!”

Size: One Size Fits All
Colors: Hibiscus Pink, Kiwi Green, Surf Blue and Black

FB Endurance 4 Bottle Belt

FB Terminator 6 Bottle Belt

FB Helium H2O One Size Fits All 2 Bottle Belt Yellow / Black

FB Helium 4-bottle belt

FB Revenge 20 Black

FB Revenge 2 Bottle Belt

IronMan FuelBelt R20 Bottle Belt Red/Carbon

One Size Fits All

FB Revenge R30 Black

FB Revenge 4 Bottle Belt