Lactate Scout + Bluetooth

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End of Life

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Whether for health, fitness, recreational sport or match preparation, only targeted and healthy training leads to real success. The individual optimum training level can precisely be determined only by measuring the increasing lactate value in blood.

Inefficiency of the training can be identified and avoided in time plus remarkable increase in endurance performance, optimum fat catabolism and a more balanced activity of the heart can be realized in a professional way by lactate control. 

The Lactate SCOUT can be used in sports medicine diagnosis for medical supervision, in physiotherapy and recreation as well as a complement to laboratory analysis. The fast and the flexible use of the system, including PC based analysis of the data makes this device the perfect solution for sports institutions, fitness studios, coaches and individual athletes.

  • Single and Step test measurements (Resting / Exercise / Recreation)
  • Memory for 250 readings incl. storage place, date, time and training level
  • PC-link for cable / Bluetooth-connection, supported by many 3rd parties*
  • Compatible with visualization / management software Lactate SCOUT Assistant
  • Timer functions (stop watch, free countdown setting, step test calculation)
  • Comfort and easy handling by patented scroll wheel-button
  • Temperature control / compensation by integrated sensor
  • Haematocrit compensation by innovative test strip design
  • Automatic switch on / switch off by inserting / removing test strip
  • Power save mode (batteries can be used for > 1.000 measurements) 

Pakket bevat:

  • Zakje met  10 lancetten
  • 6 teststrips.
  • Lactate Scout-heuptasje met riem
  • Lactate Scout-meettoestel
  • Productinformatie voor  meettoestel, teststrips en controlevloeistof
  • Lactate Scout-teststripdoosje
  • Lactate Scout-controlevloeistof
  • 2 x 1.5V AAA/LR03-batterijen

*A wide range of software suppliers support the direct data import of Lactate SCOUT.
For detailed information, please visit the homepages of the named suppliers:

  • Lactate Express
  • WinLactat
  • Para Analysis
  • ErgoLine OptiCare
  • Fitness Pro
  • LacQuiro
  • Ergonizer
  • Lactate Scout Reader (MacOS X)
  • Laktat Manager.