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The RUNNER PRO electrostimulator is one of the tools of fundamental importance for the modern runner who wants to improve his/her performance.
RUNNER PRO has programs suitable to stimulate the musculature of those who run and, thanks to the help of a personal trainer, every runner will be able to personalize and program his/her trainings according to the personal needs.
The proposed programs are suitable both for the amateur and the professional runner and they are divided into four macro objectives.


14 programs aimed to improve the muscle efficiency of the runner. The main objectives are:

  • train the musculature to support longer distances;
  • improve the capacity of oxygenation of the tissues and the qualities of endurance and recovery;
  • delay the onset of the feeling of fatigue;
  • increase your performance in the running speed;
  • strengthen in a specific way the muscle of those who practice the trail running.


4 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main musculoskeletal ailments of the runner.
In particular these programs aim to:

  • strengthen the ankle to prevent sprains;
  • strengthen the number of injuries due to lesions and/or muscular cramps;
  • stabilize the patella to prevent the knee inflammation;
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles to prevent lumbagos.


8 programs to treat the traumas and the recurring ailments in the runners. Some examples are:

  • muscle contractures;
  • inflammation of the Achilles tendon;
  • back pain;
  • ankle sprain;
  • foot pain and pain in tibia.


4 programs to be performed in relax and which have the objective to:

  • speed up the processes of removal of fatigue and lactic acid accumulated after the trainings and races;
  • release and relax the tensed and sore musculature .