The Stick Europe

The Toothbrush for Muscles.

Foot wheel

  • The Foot Wheel was developed to soothe tired, achy feet in seconds.
  • The miracle of myofascial release makes it a must in the management of plantar fasciitis.
  • The Foot Wheel has 2 trigger wheels and 2 spindles. 
  • It is 4.4" in length.

Trigger Wheel

Little Stick

  • The Litle Stick  is the smallest 2-handle model presently available.
  • Its 14" length and 6 working spindles make it ideal for children.
  • It is highly effective in the management of growing pains as well as shin splints.
  • Marathon Stick

    • The Marathon Stick is very flexible and perfect for the athlete that is lean and mean! 
    • It has fantastic flexibilty which allows for pin point accuracy! 
    • This model was created for world-class distance runners.
    • Most flexible of the small models
    • It has very comfortable yellow handles, measures 20" and has 10 spindles.

    Sprinter Stick Fuchia

    Hybride Stick

    Travel Stick

    • The Travel Stick is an excellent choice for the travellers among us. 
    • It is short and very light. 
    • it can fit into any suitcase or travel bag. 
    • The standard flexibility allows for an excellent massage at any time, anywhere.
    • It has comfortable red handles with 8 spindles and 17" Long.
    • It has recently been popularized by the USA Cycling team for use on the lower limbs.

    Sprinter Stick

    Honden Stick (the Pet Stick°

    Body Stick


    The Stiff Stick

    By increasing circulation and breaking down Trigger Points (muscle knots), “The Stick” can: 


    • Improve Strength
    • Increase Flexibility 
    • Extend Endurance
    • Accelerate Recovery Time
    • Reduce Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain
    • Prepare Muscles for Rigors of Activity
    • Flush Muscles from Rigors of Activity


    Computer Stick

    • The Computer Stick is most flexible medium model is engineered for the computer athlete.
    • It is 22” and comes with a SeatPlate anchor to facilitate unassisted management of the upper limbs.