Lactate Scout Benelux & France

EKF Lactate Scout+ is used by medical and sports clinicians around the world for the easy and reliable measurement of lactate.

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Lactate Scout + Bluetooth


Lactate Scout + Bluetooth Solo


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Lactate Scout Big Pack 48+

  • 2 x24 Teststrips for Lactate Scout
  • 1 x testsolution 2.5 ml
  • Lactate Scout Big Pack 72+

  • 3 x 24 lactate test strips
  • Pen

    Lactate Scout Big Pack 24+

    • 24 Teststrips voor Lactate Scout
    • 25 Lancetten voor prikpen
    • 30 Alcoholdoekjes

    Powerlact 24 test-strips

    Powerlact 48 test-strips

    Powerlact 72 test-strips

    Lactate Scout Safety Seal 100 Lancets

    Lactate Scout Testsolution

    Alcohol Pads

    surgiLance Safety Lancets